If you're looking for a token femdom to call you predictable names in a repetitious manner, this space is not for you. If you're hungry for something more... welcome to my web.


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mind control fetish

 Fall into the erotic space of total mind control. Sensual mind control fetish for those who need an adept, cunning woman to reprogram them....



fetish exploration

Explore what really turns you on. Confess your dirty fetish secrets. Follow me down a decadent labyrinth of taboo desires.... 

forced feminization

Here, sissy sissy. Become one of my sissy hopefuls as you embark on sissy training and forced feminization. From frilly frocks to dirty suckers, I know what you are....

Mind control fetish. Closing your eyes and relaxing into the cadence of my voice. Your hands become extensions of my will. Your mind, reprogrammed. Sensual suggestions put into place, even when you have no clue I'm doing it. 

Erotic mind control is at the root of all woman-in-control fetishes. If you think your fetish is merely about your penis, you’re an idiot and you will not do well with me. Oh, poor dear. I don’t mean to be harsh, but we might as well figure out if you belong here early on, so as not to waste our time. Some women collect shoes or purses. I collect male minds. I crave the ability to control you, to sculpt your thoughts, desires and actions.

To intertwine your desires to closely with my own that the line between where you end and I begin becomes ill defined. It’s what gets me off. It’s what makes me utterly unforgettable. And that, dear one, is what mind control fetish is about…. delicious indeed.


Sometimes clients come to me knowing they want to explore their sexual desires but unsure of what specific fetish fits them. I love training newcomers as well as the more reasoned fetish connoisseur. Picture this.... your body nude and exposed as you sit in the interrogation chair. Your cheeks flushed pink as you sheepishly answer probing questions about your twisted kinks. It feels as if I already know your secrets, perhaps even better than you know them yourself. You feel so exposed.... degraded. And yet your little appendage betrays your protests with its erection. Confessing things you never thought you'd say aloud. Sweat drops from your forehead as you follow my commands of when to touch, when to speak and what to feel. Yes, come and let's explore your dirty mind. 


Looking for forced feminization and sissy training? Do petticoats and sissy aprons excite you? Do you long to be coerced to do dirty things as Mistress' sissy? I have a space devoted entirely to such sultry adventures. For kinky sissy training, visit me at the Sissy Training Academy


I offer you a unique femdom fetish phone sex experience not only because of my talents, but also because I am a one-woman-service; such services can be hard to find. This arrangement is very different from the “token domme” listed on a general phone sex website. Those services often give you cookie cutter sessions and impersonal experiences. When you spend time with me, I am in the privacy of my house and I am focused on the interaction between us. While under my heel, you will not encounter stereotypical jargon or superficial domination.

Are you ready to hear the sound of my voice? Are you poised to take the trip to another dimension of sensuality? Find out more about me here or get session information here.