Mind Control in the New Year

Mistress Jane femdom hypnosis picture
As we move into the New Year, I want you to know that I intend to own more minds and take more control of you.

As you may already be aware (if you have ever spoken with me), I have historically kept only 10 clients at a given time. This allows me to practice mind control, hypnosis, forced feminization and etc. more deeply, giving quality sessions and not spreading myself too thin.

I have rearranged some things and in the New Year, I will accept an additional 4-5 clients to serve as my new toys and possessions. Freeing up more time in my “outside” life allows me to take on this delicious new adventure without sacrificing the high standards to which my clients are accustomed when dealing with me.

If you think you may be the right material for a place in my stable, consider that I require the following, at bare minimum:

  • You must be intelligent
  • You must be submissive
  • You must enjoy some form of fem dom twist to your sexual escapades
  • You must be respectful at all times
  • You must be able to afford me; I do not run “sales”, give discounts or deal with nickel and dimers
  • You must place a high value on quality, elegance and femdom power

If you meet these requirements and want to present for my scrutiny, you may book a session by emailing me here or by calling me at 1-866-440-BOSS.

Sultry Kisses,
Mistress Jane

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