Mind candy for the fetish connoisseur.
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I’m glad you found me, and soon enough, you will be too. I am Mistress Jane, an adept temptress, who revels in the artform of Femdom seduction and fetish phone sex. Intelligent and cunning, my ability to submerge your mind in the fucking, is second to none.

I invite you to confess your desires, no matter how taboo. Within minutes of hearing my voice for the first time, you will know the experience you’re embarking on will be different from any other fetish session you may have previously experienced.

You will find me to be quite versatile; I can hold a conversation about anything from Dante to ass licking, and everything in between. Among my tastes are: sexual hypnosis, orgasm denial, cuckolding, forced cock sucking, sissification, brainwashing, forced feminization, mind control, sissification, humiliation (extreme as well as sensual), clothed-female-naked-male, stern mommy, adult baby.

I offer you a unique fetish phone sex experience not only because of my talents, but also because I am a one-woman-service; such services can be hard to find. This arrangement is very different from the “token domme” listed on a general phone sex website. Those services often give you cookie cutter sessions and impersonal experiences. When you spend time with me, I am in the privacy of my house and I am focused on the interaction between us. While under my heel, you will not encounter stereotypical jargon or superficial domination.

A question I am often asked: “Why fetish phone sex?” The answer: Yes, I am well educated and yes, I could be doing many things, but the truth is that I love sex and all that deals with the erotic. When I finished graduate school and began my psychology practice, I found myself fascinated with sexual psychology. I loved exploring the mind of a fetishist or male submissive. It became obvious to me that I preferred such exploration over psychological counseling. I love the femdom power exchange and I get off on psychosexual manipulation.

You have a safe place to explore here. Everything from sensual tease and denial sessions to the forbidden fetish scene…. I am so good at leading you astray. Oh yes, this is the place to be for upscale fetish phone sex.

If you are looking for a Mistress who will brainwash you, psychologically own you, and make you her willing accomplice in your own submission – you just found that woman. Are you ready? Call and tell me about your secret fetish 1-866-440-BOSS (2677).

"It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce."

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1-866-440-BOSS (2677)